Read on for more information about who we are, what happens after you have contacted us, and where to drop off your computer.

Your local computer repair man is Omar Maged, a computer technician with over 10 years experience in computers and networking.


Who We Are

Mobile tel: 0745 046 3021


Home tel: 01726 339623





Flat 2, 25 Eastcliffe Road,

Par, Cornwall

PL24 2AQ



How To Find Us

We are based at our home in Eastcliffe Road - opposite Spar and next door to Mumbo Jumbo Cafe. Please get in contact if you need more help with how to find us.



What We Do

Our first priority is to solve your computer problem, however big or small. We will try to offer advice over the phone or via email/Facebook to fix your problem for free.


But if your computer does need some expert care, you can drop it in to us and we will take a look and assess what needs to be done - all for free. If repairs are needed, we will let you know all costs up-front before you decide to go ahead. We pride ourselves on keeping our fees as low as possible!

Whether you are buying or selling, we're interested

We sell refurbished laptops, so get in touch if you're looking for an affordable laptop. Or if your laptop is broken and you decide not to repair it, we would like to buy it from you!